Weekly Update Aug 31 to Sept 6

Bit of a slow week, played a lot (around 30 games!) of Dota 2. Win Rate is perfectly balanced at 50%.

Graphics: Added a Diffuse Light Material to the Ray Tracer. Below are the renders!

One light image source in the back. The Defocus adds a good effect.
3 lights in the sky!

Coding Competitions:

  • Bunch of upsolving (1413E, 1559D2) this week on Codeforces.
  • Codeforces 742 Div 2. Got 3 in competition, upsolved 1 later. C and D were both solvable using Integer DP – but have simpler solutions! E looked solvable, but I was hung up on D, guess will need to upsolve that to find out more.


Had fun practicing Gesture drawing (Didn’t spend too much time on Drawabox’s assignments, will get to that this week)


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