Weekly Update Sept 14 to 20

Computer Graphics: Started going through Ray Tracing Gems Part 1. Just got through the introductory section, will dive a bit deeper this week. The week before we had gotten planes working in the ray tracer, this week looked into bounded planes – the simplest case of which is triangles. From triangles was able to build cubes. It’s not perfect though, for metal and dielectric surfaces, the ray seems to be trapped inside – resulting in black cubes.

Render with Cubes. The Cubes are actually 12 triangles.
Those are supposed metal boxes, but it looks like the ray is trapped inside. Something to fix this week.

Competitive Programming: Not much progress here this week. Missed the Codeforces round held this week. Had an interesting coincidence this week – I just watched Episode 0 of Algorithms Weekly related to Binary Indexed Trees (BIT), and there’s an explanation of using the BIT array values directly to do a binary search (as opposed to doing a binary search, and then BIT lookups). This optimization helped me solve War Games 2.1 on the Timus Judge. That problem is a stricter version of War Games 2 (which I also solved this week).

Drawing: Continuing gesture practice. Had a crack at the Rotating boxes exercise on Drawabox. Also spent some time trying to construct figures from boxes.

GameDev: Started playing around with Godot again. This video inspired me to try out a “juicy” breakout. Still need to add a few more effects, but it looks pretty decent.

Books: Picked up an interesting book – You are Not So Smart by David McRaney. After another losing streak at Dota, I started suspecting maybe I was overestimating my skill. That led me to this thread about Dota and Dunning Kruger, and I wanted to know more.


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