Weekly Update 21-27 Sept

Competitive Programming:

  • Facebook Hackercup Round 2: Finished just outside 2000 (2366, so no shirt đŸ˜¦ ). Need to work on my speed and debugging skills. Have a feeling if I finished the first question a bit quicker – would have more time to debug the second question and figure out how to increase stack size while running on local machine. Still need to check if my solution is correct.
  • AtCoder Beginner Round 220: Started with E and F and then worked out A, B, C, D. Solved D with just 30 secs to spare on the clock. Need to upsolve G and H.

Graphics Programming:

Got image textures working. Also implemented Bounding Volume Hierarchies – though need to measure how much of a speed up this gives. For low number of objects, it definitely increases the runtime.

Drawing: Bit of a slow week. Drawing boxes whenever I can and some gestures. Definitely need to increase the amount of practice being done.

Haven’t got much GameDev stuff done, should have some stuff next week.


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