Weekly Update Oct 4-11

Every week I find something that is a massive time sink. Last week it was ‘The Wire’, this week it was TI10. At least the games are really fun, OG’s games are particularly fun to watch.

Computer Graphics: Cleaned up the code a bit. Finally pushed 2-3 weeks worth of work onto Github. Spent this week implementing UV Maps for Cubes. It required understanding Barycentric coordinates, but once that was clear it was pretty straightforward. I think I now better understand how stretching and deforming works a bit now.

Below are the UV Maps

And here are them mapped onto cubes. (There’s a slanting mirror so you can see the back side).

Required a lot of trial and error to map the correct triangles. Need to see if there’s a more ordered way to do this.

Drawing: A bit more shading, lot less gesture. Been spending more time on Procreate than paper.

No major updates related to Programming Competitions, GameDev or Reading. I sound like a broken record, but hopefully something next week!


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