College applications, Dota 2 Detox and more

It’s been a while, been busy filling out college applications, writing my personal statement and reaching out for letter of recommendations. I think that part is over, now to just sit tight, wait and pray. I should be back to my weekly schedule of blogging now and spend more time on interesting projects and experiments. I should also start thinking about writing more than just weekly updates.


Been practicing and doodling. I’m having fun, and trying to add in drawing in downtime when I can. One week (before the Dota 2 detox), was challenging myself to sketch a hero before playing a game. Also been trying to study a bit – as in practice only drawing hands for some time, look at the torso shape, etc.

3D Graphics

Not much progress here. Started diving into OpenGL using 3D Rendering Cookbook and exploring a bit of generative art using Generative Art: A Practical Guide Using Processing.

Had fun playing with blender this week. Followed along these excellent tutorials – Low Poly Human and Rigging Low Poly Human from Grant Abbit. I was driven partly because I want to study figure drawing and have some custom models that I can load up when learning about 3D Rendering.

Adding a armature and creating a pose

Dota 2 ‘Detox’

Going to take a break from Dota 2 for a while, and gaming in general. Uninstalled Steam, Epic launcher and the Xbox games app. This is not my first attempt at a Dota 2 detox, and as expected.. it’s been hard. It’s been 10 days so far, and my goal is to touch 90 days. Looking at my dotabuff, the max I’ve ever held out on playing since 2016 is around 30 days.

I love gaming as an activity, but Dota 2 is one game that keeps snowballing out of control. It starts with just 1 game a day, then to 3, and soon I’m playing 5 hours a day. And the sad part is it I can’t even claim that I’m good at the game xD. I think a 90 day break is perfect as by the time that ends, I should be clear on what’s next for me and should have less free time. Hopefully my MMR resets by that time too… One day, I’ll have a healthy relationship with the game and hopefully play just once a week or something like that. Now I need to reset.


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